The ACT government has designed a program to encourage consumers to spend money locally, setting up an electronic voucher system that eligible local businesses need to register for.

Consumers need to be over 18 years and also need to register. They will receive a daily pack of discount vouchers worth $40 to use at participating businesses (dependent upon minimum spend), and the ACT government will then reimburse the business – more information here.

Which businesses are eligible?

To be eligible a business must:

  • Have a physical shopfront in the ACT; and
  • Have received JobKeeper at some point during 2020; and
  • Have less than $10m in turnover per annum; and
  • Be in the retail, tourism, accommodation, arts and recreation, personal services and hospitality services.

How long does it run for?

The program will run from 9 until 21 December 2020 or until the allocated funds are exhausted.

Even if your business doesn’t fit the bill, pass the word on and continue to buy local!

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley