Just a reminder to all employers that the second phase of STP reporting (Single Touch Payroll) commenced on 1 January 2022, BUT the ATO kindly made provision for software providers (that needed more time) to become compliant by 31 December 2022 (PHEW) – and that date is approaching FAST (ARGH)!

The two big players (XERO & MYOB) have been using this ATO deferral to work on behind-the-scenes updates to their software (along with a number of the other service providers) and since earlier this year they have been rolling out numerous updates, tweaks and changes progressively that will see them fully STP2 compliant by 31 December 2022 .

If you haven’t had any communication from your provider on STP2 or unsure where your provider is up to with meeting the STP2 deferral due date expiry, start investigating it now so that you’re not spending New Year’s eve trying to get it finalised!

MYOB have an official pause on the current capability of their STP2 transition process and Xero have been providing teasers of what’s going to require change – so if you use either of these just sit tight until further notice.

Via webinars, training and ongoing communication from the big players, we are continuing to receive updates on the rollout, and we will be sure to communicate this as necessary to our clients. If, however you are unsure of what STP2 means for you or your software we’d love to hear from you – together we can sort it out!