With the recent (and one would seem ongoing) severe weather lashing in-land and coastal regions of eastern Australia, a number of agencies have made assistance and resources available for those in need to assist people to managing during these trying times.

Assistance is ranging from income support for individuals to grants and support that is accessible for businesses, not-for-profits and primary producers effected. A few good places to start if you need assistance include:

    • NSW:




    • Victoria:



    • QLD:


    • Nationally:





As these severe weather events continue and more areas are impacted, agencies are continuing to rollout new and update and extend existing assistance available. So, if in need or you have experienced loss continue to check out what might be available to assist you to get through this, or help you get back on your feet.

Australian Red Cross NSW SES

Remembering too, if you can, roll up your sleeves, lend a hand or provide some support to those in need as there are lots of organisations out there supporting Australians that too can use your assistance….donations might be tax deductible too 😊

Above all else, stay informed, alert and safe in these trying times……if you need us we are always here to help, so just ask!