From 1 July, businesses seeking to tender for government contracts of $4m+ will have to prove a ‘satisfactory tax record’ each 12 months.

Yet another reason to stay on top of your game, and now is the perfect time to start analysing and planning for your 2019 tax year!

We love helping our clients plan on both a business and personal level no matter how simple or complex your situation, so let us know if we can be of assistance.

This is a courtesy reminder for those of you who (perhaps, unfortunately) have a due date for payment of the balance of your 2018 tax on or before 21 March (next Thursday).

If you have already come to terms with the pain and made the necessary payment, happy days!

If you need a reminder of your payment details or for us to negotiate with the ATO for an extension of time or payment arrangement, please let us know beforehand and we would be delighted to assist.

There’s no place like home ….especially when you can establish that ‘home’ is not Australia for tax purposes. The ATO’s commonly-held approach that everyone is a resident forever no matter what (and they will hold their breath and stamp their feet until you agree) has led to many court challenges. The issue generally revolves around whether someone has established a ‘permanent place of abode’ out of Australia. While this is a complex area that you should always seek advice on, the Federal Court has recently ruled that where you live is more important than the type of accommodation you live in. In this case, it was about someone living in a fully-furnished apartment for many years being considered to have a permanent place of abode in sunny Bahrain. See ABC News article here for more.