There’s no place like home ….especially when you can establish that ‘home’ is not Australia for tax purposes.

The ATO’s commonly-held approach that everyone is a resident forever no matter what (and they will hold their breath and stamp their feet until you agree) has led to many court challenges.

The issue generally revolves around whether someone has established a ‘permanent place of abode’ out of Australia. While this is a complex area that you should always seek advice on, the Federal Court has recently ruled that where you live is more important than the type of accommodation you live in. In this case, it was about someone living in a fully-furnished apartment for many years being considered to have a permanent place of abode in sunny Bahrain.

See ABC News article here for more.

Our Director Ian Hallett is very much looking forward to presenting at the Canberra Legalwise Seminars 1 March conference on Trusts & Estate Planning – more information here. Trusts – every home should have one!

There have been higher than usual incidences of fraud lately while everyone is busy trying to finalise their work before the break, so please don’t get caught out.

Fraudsters are sending emails pretending to be from a creditor advising a change of bank account details, or even hacking into internal company email addresses and requesting dodgy payments or to supposedly change salary bank account details.

If you receive any change of payment requests, please make a phone call to a known contact to confirm that it is authentic. Likewise if you send us any change requests, please understand if we call you as well as responding to your email that we are just making sure!