We are delighted to welcome our recently arrived senior accountant in Goulburn, Skye Tedman, to the Halletts team. Skye is a seriously smart, conscientious and yet very approachable young professional who is enjoying gradually getting to know more of our beautiful clients. Next time you’re near the office, pop in and say Hi Skye! Skye Tedman

Don’t forget super guarantee payments for the September quarter must be made to complying funds by 28 October.

Some super funds and awards require superannuation to be paid more regularly, so it’s important to be clear about your obligations as an employer.

The ATO’s quick checklist for employers is also helpful, you can find it here.

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For those on annual PAYG instalments for the 2019 tax year, please don’t forget that they are due by 21 October!

If you haven’t already received yours, or if you’re not sure whether you need to lodge and pay or just pay, please contact your friendly Halletts team member for help.