JobKeeper for employers – if you are eligible for JobKeeper make sure any employees agree for you to be nominated as their employer so the same employee does not receive the subsidy from two employers – nomination forms are up on the ATO website now, link here.

JobKeeper newsflash

You can pay or top-up your eligible employees to $1,500 per fortnight before the end of April to qualify for the 1st two JobKeeper fortnights.

This is a once-only concession.

After that you must pay in each fortnight (or month) within the period to qualify for the subsidy in arrears.

Calendar page of April 2020

‘Save the Date’ – the first step (of many) to access the Government’s JobKeeper payments if you are eligible is to enrol in the system and this will be available for a short window from 20 April – only 5 more sleeps!

Call us if you want to discuss eligibility, all the other steps or anything else.

Filling in a form